Crystal XP2i PRV Testing

You probably already know about the Crystal XP2i digital test gauge we carry here at CPS.

We could harp on about it’s bullet proof ruggedness, of how it’s drop tested from 4 metres onto concrete. Or it’s intrinsically safe, IP67 rated enclosure which can be submerged to 1 metre for 30 minutes. how it’s lab standard ±0.1% of reading sensor can work in a temperature range from -10 to 50°C without any change in accuracy. Then there’s how it can handle serious over-pressure without any ill effects like no other gauge can. Plus it can be upgraded to a pressure data-logger!

If that wasn’t enough the XP2i has a special function for safety relief valve testing. It increases the peak update rate of the gauge from 4 to approximately 8 times per second, to capture the peak pressure when the valve opens, and adds a method of automatically capturing the closing reseat pressure.

This is much more accurate and faster when compared to using an analogue gauge for relief valve testing. Also because of it’s high accuracy one XP2i can replace several analogue gauges.

This function is available on a standard XP2i, but there is a special dual line model which has the added option of a dual line display, which shows the line pressure at the same time as your cracking pressure. Testing life becomes that much easier and safer.

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