A good day in the office today

A good day in the office today

A good day in the office today, this shot is of our Fluke PPC3 pressure controller calibrating an external Beamex pressure module with another couple waiting, plus the 3 internal pressure sensors in the MC5 yet to be done.

To complete all these calibrations it took 15 hours, but luckily they where done automated, which means we set the Fluke Compass for pressure software to do each calibration and that controls the pressure controller, telling it what pressure to be. When the pressure controller reaches a stable set pressure the same software then takes 60 seconds worth of pressure readings from the Beamex (and the Pressure controller at the same time), averages both the results and saves the results. It then moves onto the next pressure point and repeats the cycle for all 40 pressure points. Up and down twice across the full scale for the sensor. Something if you tried to do manually would take hours and you wouldn’t get the same amount of big data. We end up with over 5000 data points for each calibration. This is calibration by Automation and this is one of 3 pressure controllers at CPS. A CPS calibration by automation is more thorough than any factory calibration. A complete closed loop calibration.

At the top of the photo is our in house designed vacuum pump control box, which allows me to turn the vacuum pump on and off via my cell phone. The pressure controllers use an external vacuum source for calibrating devices below atmospheric pressure which means I can set up a pressure sensor to be calibrated just before I go home and then text it when I go home to turn off. Also allows me to turn on another pump for my absolute piston gauge which needs a few hours to get to 5 Pa Absolute, So I text that when I get up in the morning and its ready when I arrive into to work at lunch 🙂 ( I wish )

After we do all the pressure sensors we then send the unit down to our office in New Plymouth to have the electrical side done so we do a complete IANZ endorsed calibration of this multifunction calibrator.

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