Interesting Pressure Cal Job

Interesting Pressure Cal Job

We carry out quite a lot of interesting calibration work across our labs, here are some pics of Paul who is based in our New Plymouth office, doing a pressure calibration on a hydrostatic chart recorder .

These chart recorders are used to record pressure and temperature readings on say a pipeline that is under pressure for a set time duration.

These chart recorders have pressure transducers and PT100 temperature probes which all go back to a old style circular chart recorder. The advantages of such a chart recorder is their ability to record many channels at once i.e. two pressure and three temperature compared to more modern pressure temperature records like the nVision from Crystal Engineering or the data logging XP2i. That are either single or dual channel. But their disadvantage is their size and weight and requiring external power.

CPS is able to calibrate all their sensors very quickly so if you have such equipment give us a call.

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