CNC Router

CPS has always been able to supply our equipment in protective cases with custom cut, solid foam inserts. The cut, semi-hard foam is superior to pick and pluck as pick and pluck has a tendency to come apart over time.

We previously had the foam inserts manufactured from one of our suppliers but have recently started making these in-house with a CNC router. This has shortened the lead time significantly and has given us more flexibility with designs.

So how do we do it? First foam sheets are cut to size and glued together to get the correct height for the foam insert. CPS uses a premium polyethylene foam that is flexible and hard wearing. It’s blown with nitrogen when it is made so it’s chemically inert. We also use a higher density layer of the foam on the top of the insert so it will look good and last years of hard service.

Once the glue is dry, the outside profile is routed out as well as putting a draft angle on the sides and a bevel on the bottom edge. This is so the foam insert will fit snuggly in its protective case. After that the blank is ready to be machined into an insert with all the required pockets and cutouts needed to protect your precious equipment.

CPS uses a 3 axis CNC router, this is a great little machine that suits our needs perfectly. We had the gantry raised higher than standard so deep pockets on the bigger inserts are no problem. It’s so accurate and repeatable it can even engrave your company name and kit details directly onto the foam insert so there’s no confusing who’s gear it is!

Check out some of the kits we have done here

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