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To increase our pressure equipment offering, we now stock the range of ST1 pressure transmitters which are manufactured by Nuova Fima. They are a low cost but high quality pressure transmitter.

We have ranges from vacuum right up to 600 bar including compound. Their housing is made from 316L Stainless Steel and comes standard with 1/4 BSP thread – but we have adaptors to other thread sizes, like 1/4 NPT and 3/8 BSP – Just ask. Electrical output is 4-20 mA.

To ensure you are getting a high quality and accurate transmitter, they can be supplied with a CPS IANZ endorsed calibration certificate, so you know your readings are correct. All this for a little extra.

These are small compact units, having an accuracy of +/-0.5% of Full scale.

We can even fit one of our great Diaphragm seals to these transmitters for those harsh applications and some extra protection.

So if you need a low cost but high quality transmitter, you can’t go past these. Nuova Fima does manufacture other models of transmitters so do contact us if this model is not suitable. ie need something that is adjustable.

For the ranges we stock at CPS and prices please click on the “Options Available” tab above.

For more technical information about these transmitters click on the “Technical Information” tab above.
Product code: PT1


PT1-00: -1 to 0 bar, PT1-01: -1 to 0.6 bar, PT1-02: -1 to 1.5 bar, PT1-03: -1 to 3 bar, PT1-05: -1 to 5 bar, PT1-06: -1 to 9 bar, PT1-07: -1 to 15 bar, PT1-08: -1 to 24 bar, PT1-10: 0 to 1 bar, PT1-11: 0 to 1.6 bar, PT1-12: 0 to 2.5 bar, PT1-13: 0 to 4 bar, PT1-14: 0 to 6 bar, PT1-15: 0 to 10 bar, PT1-16: 0 to 16 bar, PT1-17: 0 to 25 bar, PT1-18: 0 to 40 bar, PT1-19: 0 to 60 bar, PT1-21: 0 to 160 bar, PT1-22: 0 to 250 bar, PT1-24: 0 to 400 bar, PT1-25: 0 to 600 bar

Technical Information

The housing is 316 Stainless Steel so suitable for oil and water. By utilising a ceramic sensor held in Aluminum oxide they have a long life in heavy duty applications.

Suitable for most process media – we recommend adding a diaphragm seal for very harsh chemicals and acids. 4-20 mA output version is stocked by CPS, but other outputs are available. Input from 8-30 VDC so you can use them on 12 VDC system with no problem.

Accuracy is +/-0.5% of full scale, so great for accuracy for a low cost transducer. We can do different models with higher accuracy if required – Like all our pressure products the ST1 can be supplied with a CPS IANZ endorsed calibration certificate (which we can do fully automated at CPS). Wide operating Temperature range of -25 to 85 °C .

They use a full size EN plug for the electrical connection, so are a direct replacement for the units you may be using right now. The ST1 does not have zero and span adjustable features so if these options are required look to our ST18 model.

Warranty is one year or maybe longer if you can spin a good yarn.

Standard thread we stock is 1/4 male BSP but we have high pressure stainless adaptor’s to suit most common threads.


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