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The 9100E is a nice entry level multimeter calibrator with some added benefits like the ability to calibrate current clamps. It comes complete with a testing mat with leads. It’s very easy to use and intergrates nicely with MetCal for the complete solution. We have sold a few here in NZ and even have one in our own lab for our electrical calibration work.
If you have a selection of general purpose mulitimeters then the 9100E is a good choice.
There are a few packages to choose from. Some come with MetCal lite and a 8846A multimeter. The metCal lite package is a very nice way to start with MetCal.Without buying MetCal outright there are MetCal procedures available from the Fluke website for downloading that will allow the 9100E to calibrate standard meters with ease. You can even purchase Gold Warranted procedures as well. These are factory supported procedures.

Product code: 9100E

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