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Q-Flow is a modern flowmeter for gases and liquids built on the variable area principle.  What sets these Variable area flowmeters apart from other meters here in the Market is the accuracy, each flow meter is built for  your application.  So we need to know the gas or liquid it will be used on, its density, inlet pressure and outlet pressure if the outlet is not open to atmosphere.

Then we get the meter manufactured to  fit these specs by Vogtlin in Switzerland.

So these will not be the cheapest flow meter on the market but we guarantee they will be the best.  Please check our technical information on these meters under the Technical Information tab.

Gary here at CPS is our flow meter expert, he was the person responsible for bringing this product to our market for CPS.

Product code: Variable area flowmeter Q-Flow

Technical Information

– Compact and slim Design
– Millimetric-scales or direct reading scales
– Customer-specific scales
– Spherical float for optimized stability
– Body material: Aluminium or stainless steel
– Seals material: FKM or EPDM
– 15 turns needle-valve
– Valve practically hysteresis-free
– Front panel mounting
– Customized versions available

More information can be found on the Vogtlin website, or contact Gary here at CPS  he will be able to answer you question.