Red-y Smart Flow Controller

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Flow is something very new for CPS, one of our principles (DHI) makes flow standards and we sold a Flow standard just recently to a large Healthcare company here in NZ so our interest in flow started.

Then in early in 2009 we where asked to go look for some high quality and accurate flow meters. We found Vögtlin. Our Manager visited the factory in early 2009 and was blown away with the technology behind these meters. “They are the XP2i of flow” “They use the same technology that Crystal uses for pressure but for flow”. “There where so many parallels to what I saw at Crystal Engineering back in 2004”. “Felt very comfortable”.

We expect this agency to be very big for CPS over the coming years.

As they calibrate with real gases there are many options for pricing so please contact us for a quote, especially if you want something you can’t see priced here. Yes, Vögtlin calibrate using real gases so no conversions with them, this makes for a high accuracy product.

These can be a flow meter or a flow meter and flow controller, We also do back pressure flow controllers which measure the pressure and control the flow.

As each meter is built to your specifications, please contact Gary here at CPS he will be able to work through the specs with you and offer the correct meter for you.
Product code: Red-y Smart Flow Controller


Red-y Smart Meter GSM, Red-y Smart Controller GSC

Technical Information

– Thermal mass measurement principle
– Accuracy: 0,3% of full scale + 0,5% of reading ( higher accuracy available.
– Local Readout now available.
– Turndown ratio: 1:100
– Response time: 50ms
– Communication with PC and SPS
– Profibus-Connection
– Real gas calibration
– Insensitive to pressure and temperature changes
– Minimum pressure loss
– Materials: Aluminium or stainless steel
– Temperature measurement as standard (digital)
– Compact design, simple installation
– Easy to service and maintain
– 3-year warranty
– Multigas – One device for 10 different gases


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