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V-100 Variable area flowmeter , , ,


V-100 is a classical variable area flow meter for gases and liquids.

One real benefit of the V-100 flow meter is the ability to have  a number of options like, limit switches panel mounting, ports out the top and rear.

The is the flow meter you can use when nothing else works.

Like the Q flow these meters are built to your specifications so we need to know all your parameters like inlet and outlet pressures and the medium flow through the meter. Then you meter is designed and built to meet these specifications – no making the meter and hope it works.

Measuring ranges from .04 l/min to 5000 l/min (gas) so a vast range is available for gases and liquids.

Gary here at CPS is our flow expert, so please contact him directly for more information.

Product code: V-100 Variable area flowmeter

Technical Information

– Millimetric-scales or direct reading scales
– Customer-specific scales
– Spherical float for optimized stability
– Body material: Aluminium or stainless steel
– Seals material: FKM or EPDM
– 15 turns needle-valve
– Valve practically hysteresis-free
– Min. and max. limit switch option
– Customized versions available


V100 Data Sheet