RV 205 General Purpose Relief Valves

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The RV 205 series is a very popular general purpose range of Herose Relief valves which are now offered by CPS in New Zealand. The RV 205 series are manufactured from Brass with male BSP threads, they are available in sizes from ¼ BSP right through to 1 ¼ male BSP, settable from 0.2 bar right up to 43 bar. All versions are suitable for air and other like gases. Also each valve has an easy to use manual override.

We offer two options for the pressure setting of these valves. Option one: The valve is quickly set to your required set pressure by CPS. (no certificate or tag is supplied). No charge for this.

Option two: CPS supplies each RV 205 series with an IANZ endorsed test report, detailing the exact pressure your Herose relief valve has been set to. Plus each valve is lockwired and tagged (to keep those inspectors happy), all this for only $105.00. This IANZ certificate meets M&I/SGS inspection.
Full factory data sheets are available for the RV 205 series.

One of the great things we at CPS love about all Herose valves is that they are field adjustable and repairable. Only simple tools are required to strip the valves and then adjust them to obtain your required set pressure. With all the parts CPS holds in stock it just makes servicing them even easier.

The RV 205 series are excellent for pressure vessels, compressors, storage tanks, tankers or any application where you want to protect a system from overpressure with an accurate, compact, low cost and repeatable relief valve that doesn’t leak, right up to over 95% of its set pressure. The valve seal is Viton so being a soft seat, it won’t leak after the first application of over pressure, the valve will reseal within 10% of its set pressure with no leaks. Time after time. Compare those figures with others valves nothing comes close. All Herose Valves are CE marked and comply with Pressure equipment directive 97/23/EC.

Please click on the options available tab to select the size of your valve and for current pricing.
Upon checkout please advise us the set pressure of your valve in the comments section.

Product code: RV 205

Options Available

RV205A: 1/4 BSP 0.4-43 bar, RV205B: 3/8 BSP 0.4-43 bar, RV205C: 1/2 BSP 0.4-43 bar, RV205D: 1/2 BSP 0.2-22 bar, RV205E: 3/4 BSP 0.2-16 bar, RV205F: 1'BSP 0.2-18 bar, RV205G: 1&1/4 BSP 0.2-16 bar

Technical Information

These are a brass bodied valve which is fully adjustable, so its not unadjustable like some many other valves like these  that are available.

We hold hundreds of springs so we set each valve as required to your exact required set pressure.

The Datasheet has the flow rates , if you know your required set pressure then you can work out what the maximum capacity of the valve will be at that set pressure.

If you need even higher flow rates then check out the RV217 Series these have some massive flow rates.


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