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Every now and again an exciting product comes to CPS and the 5150X is one of these items.

The 5150X is a fully compliant Hart Communicator for the setting up of transmitters and control valves – similar to the Emerson 475. The 5150X does the same job as the 475, but what sets the 5150X apart from the Emerson 475 is how it does the job – that is the difference. The 5150X by Meriam is easier to use, has a lot longer battery life, and 1300+ Device Descriptions (DD) already installed in its memory. So no waiting for device files, they’re already in there and it’s ready to go when you get it from CPS.

Each 5150X is made with over moulded rubber corner bumpers to give it great drop protection. This enables the unit to be certified to have a 1 meter drop rating onto concrete.

For when the 5150 is not being used you can store it in its own protective case which CPS developed using custom-cut foam (pic below). This case is included with each and every 5150X sold and allows you also to store the manuals, cables, charging cradle and, if needed, a spare battery.

Battery life is 20-40 hours in typical use, slightly reduced if the back light is at 100%.

The 5150X is ATEX and IECEx rated for hazardous area use – download the data sheet for approval ratings.

When you buy a 5150X from CPS, you get free updates for the life of the unit. So there are no subscriptions or licenses required – your communicator will be kept up-to-date with no worries.

Another very cool feature is the 1 second resume function. This means there is no waiting for it to reboot between devices, just put it into sleep mode and then awaken it quickly to be used again, straight away. This extends the battery life allowing you to do more in less time.

When you try out the 5150X you will be impressed. We have loan and rental units here at CPS – just contact paul@cps.co.nz to arrange that loan or rental or to discuss the 5150 in further detail. Paul has used the 5150X on a couple of jobs recently so has first hand experience of the 5150X compared to the 475.

Take a look at the reader choice article or our comparison document comparing the Meriam 5150X to the Emerson 475. Both can be downloaded above.

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