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Over the years we have seen a number of these manometers come through our lab, so we know them well. We have been impressed with their accuracy, stability and low long term drift, things that should be on your must have list when choosing a manometer to buy.

They are a small and robust unit with a dual line easy to read clear display. They fit nicely in the palm of hand allowing for easy pressure measurements to be taken. No more getting bulked down with a manometer that is just a little large.

Each and every Greisinger 3161 manometer can be supplied with its very own CPS IANZ endorsed 10 point calibration certificate, so you know that the measurements you are taking are true, correct and traceable. We can even offer these as an higher accuracy option, this is where we trim the unit to get the best accuracy from the unit.

This option is available when you also purchase our calibration cert. Standard accuracy is around the 0.2% to 0.4% of full scale, this sort of accuracy is fine for general purpose testing and measurement work. Higher accuracy is around the 0.1% of Full scale.

Each of these manometers is a differential pressure meter (except for the Absolute one) allowing you to do positive gauge pressure measurements, differential pressure measurements and vacuum measurements so 3 functions in the one device.

These manometers are easy to connect too, they have 4mm diameters male barb fittings on the top of them. Thus allowing the use of silicon hose, which is pushed onto these barb fittings. We can even supply you the silicon hose.

Each unit has selectable pressure units , enabling you to select which ever pressure unit you desire to work in. You can choose from bar, Pa, kPa, PSI, mmhg and mh20.

There is a model that has the ability to log pressure, model 3181, we don’t stock these at this current time but they are available. These units allows you to record up to 99 data sets with a recording interval from 1 sec to 3600 seconds. Recording speed of up to 1000 measurements per second. Being a gas manometer they are are only suitable for dry non corrosives gases, not liquids.

Please click on the Technical information or the Options available tab above to see the ranges available. The options available tab will give you pricing for each model.
Product code:


3161-002 -500 Pa to 500 Pa, 3161-01 -10 to 25 mbar, 3161-07H -1 to 70 mbar, 3161-07 -10 to 350 mbar, 3161-07B -10 to 420 mbar, 3161-13 -100 to 2000 mbar, 3161-13MB -1000 to 2000 mbar, 3161-12 0 to 1300 mbar A

Technical Information

In the 3161 series, there are seven models to choose from. Ranging from full vacuum right up to 200 kPa, there is even an absolute model, which makes for an accurate low cost barometer.

Each model as the ability to show the minimum and maximum pressure, as well as you can tare out system pressure if so required.

For that added protection we can also supply a small carry case, which will house your Manometer along with some fittings and tubing.

Models :

3161-002 -500.0 Pa to + 500.0 Pa $766.26

3161-01 -10.0 to 25.0 mbar ( -0.1 kPa to 2.500 kPa) $766.26

3161-07H -1.00 to 70.00 mbar (-0.1 to 7 kPa) $841.31

3161-07 -10.0 to 350.0 mbar ( – 1.00 kPa to 35.00 kPa) $705.46

3161-07B -10.0 to 420.0 mbar ( -1.00 kPa to 42.00 kPa) $841.31

3161-13 -100 to 2000 mbar (-10.0 kPa to 200.0 kPa) $705.46

3161-13MB -1000 to 2000 mbar (-100.0 kPa to 200.0 kPa) $737.46

3161-12 0-1300 mbar A ( 0 to 130 kPa A) ( absolute model) $705.46

GKK 3000 Carry Case $68.00


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