Greisinger GFTH 200

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The GFTH 200 measures temperature, relative humidity and dew point in one easy to use device.

Because of the low power consumption and the integrated min-/max-value memory the GFTH 200 is perfectly suitable for long term climate surveillance.

An optional external Pt 1000 (GOF 175 Mini) can also be connected to take surface temperature measurements.

The additional infrared thermometer contained in the GFTH 200 SET makes it easy to check mould-problem areas on walls etc. The wall can easily be scanned by means of the laser beam within a very short time. When wall temperature falls below the critical dewpoint (this is, when the wall gets wet), the device alerts with an audible signal.
Product code: GFTH 200


GRE-GFTH200, GRE-GFTH200 + GOF175Mini, GRE-GFTH200 Set

Technical Information

Greisinger GFTH 200 Hygro-/Thermometer, -25.0 … +70.0 °C, 11 … 90 % RH, Td: (Dewpoint) -40.0 … +70.0 °C

Greisinger GFTH 200 Hygro-/Thermometer with GOF 175 Mini surface probe for solid surfaces -70 … +120 °C, Pt1000 cl. B

Greisinger GFTH 200 Hygro-/Thermometer incl. infrared thermometer GIM 530 MS and case GKK 3600


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