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The Additel 875 Series of Dry blocks

The ADT875 series is Additel’s first foray into temperature calibration and from what we can see here at CPS they have done a impressive job, here are some highlights of the special features which make for some real benefits to you the user.

Great well depth accuracy via Dual zone control to give improved accuracy and Metrology level performance from 150 mm from the top to 90 mm from the top. Pretty special !

Speed – This unit is fast, but only one way to test that out, give us a call and we will send one of our demo units down to you. Give us a call. You won’t be disappointed. Compare it to the rest and your mind will be made up for you.

With the process version you get access to some pretty cool extra features like:

Ability to run a set temperature calibration task i.e. a automatic ten point calibration and then log the before and after results for over 1000 calibrations, yes 1000, it has that much internal memory.
Then when you have completed those 1000 calibrations you can download all those results into the Additel A-Cal software to produce your calibration certificates. Just as the reading is taken from the DUT a screen shot of the main screen on the ADT 875 is taken, this is also saved as an extra validation of the temperature reading for both the DUT and the ADT 875.

This reference temperature reading can be taken from the ADT 875’s internal sensor or from an optional external reference sensor which gives higher accuracy. But when you have an external reference you have access to another great feature of the ADT875 which is the ability for the 875 to do its own automatic calibration of its internal reference sensor compared to its external reference. Thus allowing you to get the best of both worlds high accuracy using the external reference sensor when required or making sure that the internal sensor is operating at its peak performance.

Feel like a sleep in or a bit more time with the kids then you will love the ability to control these dry blocks using your mobile phone. Set the unit up the night before and start it up as you leave for work so when you get in, it is up at temperature waiting for its next instruction or its off running a task and its already done 4 points ! This is called the more time fishing less time working feature. Great when your out in your plant the Dry Block will tell the App on your phone that it has reached temperature and ready for you. No more waiting around wasting time. If you are running a task feature you can monitor the Dry Block from the lunch room and see how the task is running.
Product code: ADT875


875-155: with any one insert -40 degC to 155 degC, 875-350: with any one insert 33 degC to 350 degC, 875-660: with any one insert 33 degC to 660 degC, 875PC-155: Process Version with any one insert -40 degC to 155 degC, 875PC-350: Process Version with any one insert 33 degC to 350 degC, 875PC-660: Process Version with any one insert 33 degC to 660 degC

Technical Information

Additel use a special cool tube technology which give them faster cooling ability.

Easy to use touch screen colour display. You will be impressed we were. It is very intuitive and you learn how to run the unit quickly. Everything is displayed clearly and the menu structure is easy to use.

With the Data-logging feature running, the ADT 875 will display on its colour screen the internal and external reference probe temperature as well as your DUT readings in a graph form, so you can see what is happening in real time, very cool for diagnostic work. Then when completed download all results and upload them into excel on your computer.

So you have done a ice point and it’s pretty good, you now go off to 172 °C and your temp transmitter reads 174°C, not a problem here, just go into the Hart mode on the ADT 875, search for your Transmitter and all going well you will be able to make simple adjustments to your transmitter. No disconnecting and hooking up a separate hart communicator, a real time saver. Especially if you don’t have a Hart communicator.

With the process version you also get the ability to read your optional external PRT reference probe, source 25 VDC and measure mA, measure Thermocouples and a RTD if required. Dual channel so you have ability source and measure two separates DUT’s at the same time. If you have temperature switches you can use the ADT 875 to see when the switch opens or closes.

The remote control is over the internet or via Bluetooth as the ADT 875 has wifi so just hook it into your router, load up the app, connect and away you go.

Another cool feature the Software boys have thought about is connection instructions which are displayed on the screen. Just in case you have forgotten how to do temperature calibration or just need a helping hand to wire up your transmitter or that one pressure switch you do once a year.

Create your own range.

Additel have allowed you to create your own range of Dry block, its called the CYOR option. So for a little extra you get to decide what range dry bock you wish to have inside the standard three ranges. If you calibration workload is say 0-70 Deg C then for a extra $775.00 Additel will customise, test and certify your dry block over this reduced range. Gives optimal performance over this reduced range just for you.


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