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Fluke absolute pressure modules are a ruggered self-contained pressure module that can connect to a variety of Fluke meters. Each module is calibrated as an absolute module and since CPS is the only lab in New Zealand that does absolute calibration you can be assured that your module is accurate and ready for use. Each module has ¼ NPT as the thread, so if you need to connect to your pressure source check out the range of Ralston quick test fittings.

Each pressure module can be supplied with an IANZ endorsed calibration certificate if required. These modules can be connected up to a variety of fluke meters, and it doesn’t matter which one as the module holds all the calibration data. We, at CPS, can calibrate and adjust any Fluke pressure module.
These are a great way to extend the functionality of your Fluke meter, and to be able to calibrate those absolute pressure transmitters, all without buying another calibrator.

Can be used with the Fluke 789, 725, 787, 725, 718 and more, click on the process calibration link above and have a look at the range of process calibrators and process meters that can be used with the fluke modules.

Please click on the options drop down box above to see the pressure ranges available.
Product code: Fluke 700APM

Options Available

0-100 PSIA / 700 kPa, 0-15 PSIA / 100 kPa, 0-15 PSIA IS / 100 kPa, 0-30 PSIA / 200 kPa

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