150mm All Stainless Rear entry gauge

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The P6000 Series is the big brother to our most popular gauge (the P4000). This gauge has the same laser-cut dial, and heavy-duty, long-life movement, but this time with a 150mm face. With a stainless steel case this gauge is suitable for application in a variety of environments. Like the P4000, it has a vast range of options and additions available. Many of these gauges are in use at the New Zealand Refinery Company and have been for many years after being installed when the plant was first built.
Product code: P6050 Series


-1-0.6 bar, -1-1.5 bar, -1-15 bar, -1-24 bar, -1-3 bar, -1-5 bar, -1-9 bar, -100 to 0 kPa, -100-150 kPa, -100-1500 kPa, -100-2400 kPa, -100-300 kPa, -100-500 kPa, -100-900 kPa, 0-0.6 bar, 0-1 bar, 0-1.6 bar, 0-10 bar, 0-100 bar, 0-100 kPa, 0-1000 bar, 0-1000 kPa, 0-16 bar, 0-160 bar, 0-1600 bar, 0-1600 kPa, 0-2.5 bar, 0-25 bar, 0-250 bar, 0-250 kPa, 0-2500 kPa, 0-300 bar, 0-4 bar, 0-40 bar, 0-400 bar, 0-400 kPa, 0-40000 kPa, 0-6 bar, 0-60 bar, 0-600 bar, 0-600 kPa

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