Our new policy to Insure your peace of mind

Our new policy to Insure your peace of mind

Our new policy to insure your peace of mind.

Your devices are part of your livelihood. So if you’re trusting them to us, we want to make sure they’re looked after.

That’s why if your device gets lost or damaged in transit, we won’t pass the buck to the courier company or tell you it’s not our problem.

We now insure your devices for loss or damage, because offering the total calibration solution means looking after your device not just when it’s in our hands, but also while it’s being delivered back to you.

Like all insurance policies, there are conditions involved. The main one is to do with value; if your device is under two years old the insurance company will replace it, and if it is over two years old they will pay up to market value. So depending on which is the best option for older units, they may decide to just pay the value of the item. While that probably won’t be enough to buy a new unit, we hope it gives you peace of mind that if something does go wrong, we’ll do whatever we can to sort it out for you.

So if by some stroke of bad luck your gauge, calibrator or meter goes missing or is damaged, we will take care of it. That could mean repairing or replacing the device, and if it’s going to take time to get it sorted, we’ll lend you something in the meantime if we can, to get you by.

There’s no extra cost for this service, nor do you have to do anything additional. Just keep sending your devices to CPS and we’ll keep doing our utmost to offer you the total calibration solution.

This is just another benefit to having CPS as your calibration partner.

CPS undertakes IANZ-endorsed calibrations of all manner of pressure, temperature and electrical measuring, testing and calibration equipment from manufacturers like Fluke, Beamex, Yokogawa, Druck and many more.

Check out our calibration services here.

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