LIG Thermometer Calibrations

LIG Thermometer Calibrations

Further expansion to our temperature calibration capabilities. CPS has again invested in specialty equipment, this time a Fluke 2019-DCB Liquid-in-Glass thermometer calibration kit for our Fluke 9173 liquid calibration bath.

This piece of kit is used for the calibration of liquid-in-glass thermometers, it does this by raising the fluid level of the bath up to the top of the tube to enable total immersion of the LIG thermometer.
A special carousel fits into the top of the tube giving us the ability to safely hold up to 10 LIG thermometers. We also use a magnifying scope to enable us to clearly see the liquid level of the thermometer against its temperature scale, thus allowing for highly precise readings to be taken.

Before we could included this piece of kit under our IANZ terms of registration, we had to undertake a spatial survey of the kit, while in use in the bath. We completed this survey of the tube, it gave us excellent spatial uncertainty of only 7 mK. This basically means its extremely accurate regardless of where your thermometer is in the carousel.

We are now IANZ accredited to calibrate LIG thermometers from -20 to 150 °C with an best uncertainty of +/- 0.015 °C.

There are more blogs on our temperature calibration capabilities if you wanted to see more about what CPS can do for you.

Or if you have any questions about temperature calibration please contact me.


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