Calibration Kits Custom Foam

Calibration Kits Custom Foam

Early in 2014 we invested in a small New Zealand made CNC Router which we use to now manufacture – well cut out, the foam for our calibration kits. So we have brought this process in house to have better flexibility and a faster service offering.

Nick – Our the newest addition to the CPS Family undertakes the programming and the running of this very cool machine. Even if you don’t have CPS equipment (Heaven forbid) we can build a kit for you no problem just email Nick on and have a chat with him.

Custom Cut Foam is a far more professional and better way of holding instruments and tools inside protective cases compared to pluck type foam. Plus a lot longer lasting that pluck type foam.

Here is a pic of the most recent calibration kit we sold to Fisher and Paykel Healthcare, as you can see this kit has a Ralston DPOV Pump, Meriam M2 Lab series high accuracy manometer, box for test fittings and finally the Ralston Hoses. As you can see this is very nice functional kit that has all the equipment they need to carry out their calibrations – check out some of the other kits we have done here !

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