IANZ Certification of Beamex Process Calibrators

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Before any calibration is undertaken on your Beamex we leave the unit in our lab ( at 20 deg C) for 3 hours to come up to optimum operating temperature, then we check your unit to see if it’s firmware needs upgrading– if it does we undertake this for you. Also if the date and time need correcting we set this for you also.

All of our calibrations are done to so to meet the manufacturers specifications for your unit, we will adjust if it falls outside it’s specified tolerance – If needed, we can take before adjustment results and record these for you ( just ask). Normally we just record the adjustment amount we made ie A span adjustment of -0.150 kPa was made to this item.

When CPS carries out the calibration of your Beamex this is a total solution calibration – we do it all, there is no function we don’t calibrate. When you send it to us we take care of the whole job and we do this completely within CPS. So you can have faith that the calibration being done is of the highest standard and all calibrations are fully IANZ endorsed. Plus our aim is to do it in 7 days!.

As per all our calibrations – we do a full uncertainty analysis at each calibration point – so you know your inaccuracy tolerance at each and every calibration point .

Sample CPS calibration certificates can be downloaded from this page above.

For the calibration of Beamex Multi Function process calibrators we use nearly all our reference equipment. For the electrical source and measure functions we calibrate these using our reference Fluke 8508A multimeter combined with a Fluke 9100E electrical Calibrator, Click on the Technical info tab above to see exactly what we do calibrate on the electrical side.

We calibrate all the electrical functions on your Beamex.

For the pressure modules what we use one of our three Fluke pressure controllers, the 400 mbar module is very common and we do this using one of our PPC4 which is set up for low pressure calibration work. This has an accuracy of 0.008% of RDG. These pressure controllers are exactly the type of equipment Beamex uses for their final calibration.

At this stage we can calibrate the internal and external pressure modules of MC5’s automatically over the space of about 3 hours. This is where we use a pressure controller to apply a highly accurate known pressure and then as this pressure is being applied we take a number of readings over 60 seconds from the MC5 and average them both to get applied readings and the MC5 readings – we are the only company doing this. For the MC2’s 4’s and the ultra new MC6’s we still use the same software and pressure controllers but we just take the data manually. Our intention is for us to undertake calibration of all the Beamex units automatically in the near future.

Upon the completing of the full calibrations of your unit we then go and set the next calibration date internally for you.

So what does it cost you ask to have all this done – Remember we may not be the cheapest but we are the best and you didn’t invest in the cheapest calibrator on the market, you brought the best, so if you want to the best performance from your Beamex then send it to CPS – you will not regret it.

These prices are regardless of the Beamex model – same for MC2 through to MC6.

A full calibration of all the electrical functions measure and source is $650.00- For the pressure sensors, external , internal or the barometric sensor the price is $250.00 per sensor except for the 400 mbar one which is $350.00. That’s it ! No extra charge for adjustments if required.

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