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Well the volume pump is probably the biggest improvement ever to the comparator, it allows you to undertake calibrations quicker and with less effort.

In the past many people commented that the comparator was fantastic but it was unable to do large low pressure gauges or gauges with fittings on them. Due to the increase volume.

This volume pump solves that problem.  It is a hand pump which uses a external reservoir, so the pump sucks water from this reservoir and them pumps it into the equipment under test – thus compressing all the air in your system.

So this allows you to test gauges at the end of a 20 foot hose or test transmitters while they are still on your system.

All our comparator in the CPS lab have this pump and every comparator we sell locally here in New Zealand is sold with this option.  It really does transform the comparator into something better and faster.

Product code: Comp-VP

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