CPF Hose System

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These hoses are fantastic when used on the CPS Comparator, both are rated to 10000 PSI / 700 bar, so if you are working up to these high pressures and need flexibility of using hoses then this is the ultimate. When combined with the optional volume pump for the comparator you can test a gauge or transmitter that is mounted 10 meters away from the pressure source. No dead weight testers or any other pressure comparator can do this! Apply pressure in the room with the readout to the transmitter that could be in another room.

Again leak free no spanners required.

A complete range of test fitting is supplied to support these hoses, click on the link.
Product code: MPH


MPH-1: M-M 1 Meter Hose, MPH-1.5: M-M 1.5 Meter Hose, MPH-3: M-M 3 Meter Hose, MPH-5: M-M 5 Meter Hose, MPH-10: M-M 10 Meter Hose, MPH-25: M-M 25 Meter Hose

Technical Information

Hoses are constructed using 316 stainless steel fittings and a Polyamide core hose; they have a Factor Of Safety (FOS) of 4:1 on all 10000 PSI / 700 bar working pressure systems and are suitable for hydraulic and pneumatic applications.


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