Additel 160A Absolute Pressure Modules

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Additel manufacture a range of Intelligent external pressure modules which connect digitally to their pressure calibrators and process calibrators. These modules are not device dependent so all their calibration settings and data is enclosed in the module.

By utilizing these pressure modules you have the ability to expand the useable range of your calibration equipment especially when using the 760 or 761 pressure calibrators.

If you only have a little amount of pressure calibration work or work in pressures above 40 bar then a 223 or a 222A with a module or two may be a better solution, combined with a one of our hand pumps all supplied in a CPS protective custom case.

These absolute pressure modules are available in a number of ranges from 0.35 bar A to 350 bar A, there is even a special one for atmospheric pressure measurement work, which has a range from 60 to 100 kPa.

Each and nearly every 160A pressure can be supplied with its very own IANZ endorsed calibration certificate so you know the measurements you are making are correct.

To see the pressure ranges available please check on the “option available” drop down above.

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0 to 35 kPa A, 0 to 70 kPa A, 0 to 100 kPa A, 0 to 200 kPa A, 0 to 350 kPa A, 0 to 700 kPa A, 0 to 2000 kPa A, 0 to 3500 kPa A, 0 to 7000 kPa A, 0 to 20000 kPa A, 0 to 35000 kPa A, 60 to 110 kPa A

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