NPT / BSP Fittings

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Product code: NPT/BSP


MPFBULK: F-F Bulkhead Mount, 1/8MPT: F-M CPF to NPT (1/8), 1/4MPT: F-M CPT to NPT (1/4), MPM-1/4MPT: M-M CPF to NPT, 1/8BSPF: F-F CPF-BSP(1/8), 1/4BSPF: F-F CPF-BSP(1/4), 3/8BSPF: F-F CPF-BSP(3/8), 1/2BSPF: F-F CPF-BSP(1/2), 1/8MPT90: ComboPump 90deg CPF-NPT, 1/4FPT: F-F CPF-NPT (1/4), AN4M: F-M AN4 Adapter, MPM-1/4BSPM: M-M CPF to BSP 15K psi, MPM-1/2BSPM: M-M CPF To BSP 15K psi, MPF-4492: M-M CPF MP to 3/8 NPT 15K psi, MPF-4493: M-M CPF MP to 1/2 NPT 15K psi, MPF-4495: F-M CPF MP to 1/2 NPT 15K psi, MPF-4698: M-M CPF MP to 1/4 NPT 15K psi, MPM-1/4MPTB: M-M CPF to 1/4 NPT Brass

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