Greisinger GMR 110

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Compact and robust measuring device for fast evaluation of material moisture in firewood, timber, GIB board, inlay, plaster, cement and lots more.
A suitable characteristic is selected with help of a material table on the rear side of the device before measuring. The material is contacted by pressing the measuring needles into it. The measured value is Displayed only a short time afterwards.

The device is designed for precise love especially firewood and timber measurements, HOWEVER, a lot of additional building materials can be rated.

-Material tables on rear side of device
-Integrated, exchangeable measuring needles
-Moisture rating (wet / dry) via bar graph
-Display of material moisture or water content
-Integrated temperature compensation
-Characteristic curve display

Technical Information


Resistive material moisture measuring device with integrated probes, 0.0 … 100 % material moisture