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The Dual Line display is not really an option for the XP2i it’s actually a whole different model of XP2i, a special gauge which was developed for the US Navy for the testing of relief valves, so they could see the line pressure of the system after the relief valve had lifted.

We use one here at CPS as our master relief valve testing gauge a fantastic application for a gauge where you need to see the peak or minimum pressure obtained as well as seeing the line pressure at the sensor all the time.

So gives you an idea of some of the special products that Crystal comes up with. You can even use a standard XP2i and connect them both up with a null modem cable and then you can read differential pressures by using these two gauges. Contact Gary at CPS to talk about this application we have done a few jobs using two XP2i’s for the measurement of differential pressure.

We order the dual line gauges as required from Crystal, only takes a couple of weeks so not long.

You can’t have the datalogging option on the Dual line XP2i  but can still have all the other XP2i options.

Product code: XP2i DL

Technical Information

Same as standard XP2i.

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