About Us

About us

Established over 35 years ago we specialise in calibration services and supply of reference equipment. As experts in instrumentation and calibration with IANZ accredited laboratories in Auckland, New Plymouth and Christchurch we are not a company that just imports and sells stuff to make a buck. We reinvest significantly back into maintaining our position as a world leader with reference equipment and software systems not seen in other calibration laboratories in New Zealand or Australia or for that fact any other country in the world. CPS holds the New Zealand sole agency for many top quality products manufactured by the worlds best in instrumentation and calibration equipment. These products complement each other which allows us to offer the total solution for your calibration needs. We don't just supply you a gauge and then let you worry about how it connects to your calibrator. We do the fittings, we do the hoses, we do the calibrations, we do the carry cases and we even do training. The total package.We believe there is always room for a company to offer personalised service and not just try and push as many products as possible. So if you believe you want to deal with a company that values your business then give us a call.

Chris Woudenberg. Managing Director

Our Story

We started out calibrating pressure gauges and now have one of the world’s foremost pressure calibration facilities.

To complement this, we’ve expanded our services to provide high-end temperature and electrical calibration. That means we offer the complete calibration solution, especially in the area of multifunction process calibrators like Crystal, Beamex, Druck, Fluke, Meriam and Jofra.

We’ve been committed to investing in our calibration capabilities from the outset. The result? Three decades down the track and we have the very best equipment, enabling us to calibrate your equipment to the highest accuracy and lowest uncertainty in Australasia.

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We offer the total calibration solution, including:

  • supply of the world’s best calibration equipment in a CPS custom built kit that’s fully calibrated and ready to use, all in a custom fit case;
  • a solid range of flow meters, relief valves, calibration pumps, fittings and much more;
  • extensive stocks of our equipment, from a simple 40mm pressure gauge through to the Jofra ASC400 multifunction calibrator. If you want it, we have it;
  • insurance for your devices, not just when they’re at CPS but also on their way back to you.
Check out our blogs and see for yourself why CPS (NZ) Ltd is the best in the business. Or see our customer testimonials to find out what other customers say about our work.

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Inaccurate equipment comes at a cost, whether it's time, money or your reputation. You need highly accurate devices that give results you can trust, and CPS is here to help.

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